Active Citizens


DLDAV Model School, Shalimar Bagh is on a mission. The mission is to empower the students by equipping them with 21st century skills and outlooks, making them ACTIVE CITIZENS.

Following global citizenship skills and outlooks have been identified:-

  • Critical and Creative Thinking
  • Self Awareness-Positive sense of identity
  • Collaboration & Communication
  • Taking Action-commitment to peace, justice, sustainability & rights & responsibilities
  • Empathy

Special programs and drives to inculcate the above have been integrated in the school curriculum and put into practice systematically.

To promote Critical thinking and openness to new ideas, the school has launched an ‘Innovation Drive’ in which the students are teachers are motivated to come up with at least one innovation plan that would add value to the organization.

The response has been very good. We now have students carrying out green audits in the school, saving water, directing it towards rain water harvesting system, campaigning for peace and doing a lot more. Students of IT Club have been creating a library of e-resources capturing all events in the school in the form of movies. The school is reaching out through social networking (Facebook, Twitter) creating awareness amongst masses about the evolving phases of school education by uploading these e-resources.

For enhancing Self Awareness and Positive sense of Identity, the school has started a huge campaign titled I AM THE CHANGE. Through many minor and mega activities, the message of appreciating self is being driven home. The participation of the special needs children is especially valued in this project. It is believed that a person with positive sense of identity can influence the whole world, changing it for the better.

The Communication and Collaboration Skills are nourished through two very strong international programs-the GLOBAL VIRTUAL CLASSROOM and the GENERATION GLOBAL. These platforms provide students with an opportunity to engage in dialogue with their peers across the globe on issues ranging from Women’s Rights, Bullying, Peace to Medical Ethics. The learners have won numerous awards for their excellent participation and skills:-

  • The Outstanding Award from the Tony Blair Faith Foundation.
  • The Silver Award from the GVC for international webdesigning contest in which a scholarship is awarded to a needy student on behalf of the school.

The school is currently proudly hosting two guest teachers from UK who are carrying out several collaborative projects with the students.

Taking Action & Empathy - is another important skill and attitude that is being nurtured. The learners have carried out a special Google web rangers drive to educate children about cybercrime and to promote safe use of internet. Efforts of the school were recognized and one of the team members got an opportunity to represent India at international level in the Google Web Rangers Global Summit in California, USA.

The Eco-club of the school has taken upon itself to turn the school into a green institution with projects like Rain Water Harvesting, Paper Recycling, Solid & E-waste disposal, use of solar panels. The school has won the Platinum award in the ‘Create to Inspire School Program’ - an innovative school program by Nokia in support with Department of Environment, Delhi Government, GIZ and i-dream. It has also received a certificate of Environment Excellence by Microsoft for year 2016. This was in recognition of environmental exercises carried out in the school on the themes of-Biodiversity, E-waste, energy, water, food, environmental careers and environmental activism.

Srijan - the school enterprise Challenge program has left no stone unturned in honing the entrepreneurial skills of the children. They have gained hands-on experience in business, budgeting and managing finance. Besides this, they have enhanced their Personal Relation skills by interacting with outside agencies. This initiative too encouraged the special needs students to display their hidden creative talent.

A rejuvenated Community service club-Sambal-is reaching out to the community like never before! It has carried out cleanliness drives in the slums-with teachers and students picking up brooms to set examples, sensitized the people on the importance of hygiene. The club is also spreading smiles in the lives of the needy by carrying out special programmes like Skill India(providing vocational training to under privileged girls from an NGO Gyanodaya), Blood Donation, Donation of Books & Stationary items.

The feeling of empathy was nurtured in a ‘Respect the Cleaners’ drive wherein the cleaners visited each and every classroom in which they were showered with gratitude messages and small tokens of appreciation.