Student Council

The Student Council is another platform that nurtures leadership skills in the learners. Under this, there are appointments of Head boy, Head girl, Vice Head boy, Vice Head girl and Council members from classes XI and XII. Together they become a powerful team that not only takes vital decisions but bridges the generation gap between the staff, management and the student community easing out the differences, smoothing out the ruffled feathers and putting each other’s view points across. They also help the staff members to maintain discipline and organize functions.

Students are motivated to rise to the call of duty... abide by the school rules, uphold its values and stay committed to excellence. They are encouraged to be leaders-of self and society.

Council Members 2018 (XI)
1. Divi Sharma XI C (Vice Head Boy)
2. Shubhangi Sharma XI E (Vice Head Girl)
3. Mayank Singhal XI A
4. Vaibhav Kukreja XI D
5. Mittali Jawa XI B
6. Hardik Goel XI D
7. Aayush Garg XI A
8. Pranav Jha XI A
9. Smridhi Makhija XI G
10. Shivangi Bansal XI A
11. Sidhi Kataria XI D
12. Kritika Aggarwal XI G
13. Charu XI B
14. Vanshika Sharma XI E
15. Mayank Aneja XI A


Council Members 2018 (XII)
1. Adhiraaj Jain XII A (Head Boy)
2. Yashica XII F (Head Girl)
3. Sojal XII F
4. Vanshika XII F
5. Yashasvi XII D
6. Swati XII A
7. Deepanshi XII A
8. Mihika XII E


Duties of the Student Council

  • The council will conduct regular surprise checking in various classes during the zero periods or whenever they are free.
  • Checking of washrooms will be done regularly during recess to check that the students are not doing any immoral activities.
  • The council members will address the students during morning assembly to motivate them.
  • The proper implementation of disciplinary orders will be ensured by council members.
  • Council will take up a new drive in every 2 month and will work judiciously for it.
  • The council will help in organizing various school events and participate in them with full enthusiasm.
  • The Students must be informed about the school rules by the council.

Drives for Every Month

(Month : April-July)


  • During these months, the council will be carrying the go green cleanliness drive.
  • The council members will be given duties on each and every floor to ensure that students are not littering.
  • The council members will also be allotted duties on the ground floor near the canteenand the staircase during the recess time to ensure that the students are not littering or bringing eatables and juices upstairs.
  • The council shall aware and encourage students every day during morning assembly about the drive.
  • The names of the best clean class and the students, who will be found picking up waste of others shall be announced to reward them.
  • After end of every month the best clean class will be awarded with a big badge of “cleanliness crusaders” and the name of the class will be written on student’s notice board on every floor.

(Month : August-September)

Drive - The Youth Empowerment Drive (International Youth Day)

  • The council members shall encourage the students from the senior wing to participate in various activities.
  • The council members shall address the students in the morning assembly daily to inspire them about their goals.
  • The council members shall also motivate students regularly to perform better in their examinations.

(Month : September-November)

Drive - No Cracker Drive

  • The council members shall perform the duties allotted to them respectively on every floor.
  • More attention should be given to certain blind spots of school and in the washrooms.
  • The council shall encourage students every day during the morning assembly awarding them about the harmful effects of bursting crackers.
  • Those who are caught bursting crackers in the school premises shall be reported and punished.
  • The council members shall divide duties periodically so that no periods of any student are missed.
  • The students shall be encouraged to pledge to not to burn crackers.

(Month : December-January)

Drive - Anti bullying Drive

  • The council members keep a check on students, to know, whether there is any fighting or bullying in the school.
  • The council members will aware the students regularly during morning assembly regarding the various harmful effects of bullying and how drastic outcomes it can lead to for e.g. The Columbine Massacre.
  • The council members shall encourage the students to take up a stand and report to the respective authorities against bullying.
  • The reported students shall be punished or taken to various authorities.
  • The council members may also organize a workshop to aware students regarding bullying.

Duties Of The Student Council

1. Every council member shall ensure that there is discipline in the school by checking out that the students walk in a line whenever out in their PT Period, lab. period etc.

2. They should ensure that they are present in the corners of the school to prevent any kind of fights between the students.

3. They should make sure that there is no chaos near the washrooms during the recess & dispersal. To be on duty in the ground in morning and near canteen during recess.

4. They should properly organize various events in the school including the farewell, felicitation ceremony, investiture ceremony, interschool competitions (Hash, Aviral, Dimensions)

5. During the festival seasons they should ensure that no immoral activities take place in the school like bringing of colours at the time of Holi and bursting of crackers at the time of Diwali.

6. They should make sure that meetings are held on regular basis with all the council members present.

7. They should carry out different drives in the school.

  • Go green cleanliness drive : April-July
  • Youth empowerment drive : Aug-September
  • No cracker drive
    Awareness about air pollution : Oct - Nov
  • Anti Bullying drive : Dec - January