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Co-Scholastic Domains


The school believes that the purpose of life is to live in harmony with the outside world and with one’s own self. It thus lays strong emphasis on holistic education and a curriculum that has a perfect balance between scholastic and co-scholastic. All dimensions-Life skills, Value education, Aesthetic education, Kinesthetic, Ecological concerns and Community outreach–are incorporated in the curriculum with great care and are experienced and imbibed not for any secondary reward but simply for the intrinsic reward of the joy in learning & growing. These dimensions–implemented through well-defined House System, Subject Clubs, Eco-Club, SUPW, Student Council and Editorial Board-become a medium for imparting not just knowledge but values, skills and attitudes and enhance the children’s ‘Self-awareness’, ‘problem solving’, ‘decision making’, ‘critical thinking’ and ‘creative thinking’ capacities.Also, much before the National Curriculum Framework came up with the benefits of inter and multi-disciplinary concepts, the learners and faculty of DLDAVMS, Shalimar Bagh had been using it in classrooms pulling off a miraculous amount of work every single day.

Please have a look at the varied Co-scholastic activities incorporated in the school curriculum

The Science, Social Science, Maths and Language clubs enhance the creative, thinking and social skills of the learners. Throughout the year, these clubs hold special celebrations of their respective subjects that involve all the students of Primary, Middle and senior sections. Learners recite poetry, enact plays, create Science models, brainstorm and debate on global issues, discuss case studies, solve math puzzles and play games.

We are proud of our Computer Club-HASH!

HASH, that makes Heuristic Amenable Savvies Hub, forms a group of intellectual savvies, who are always charged up to learn and discover.

Since it was for students, by the students, we lay the membership to the club open for all the computer prodigies. Only the fittest among fits were given the HASH tag. Henceforth, the idea of setting a stage for tech-enthusiasts across schools evolved. And HASH’13 came into being.

The club organized HASH’14, an Inter-School Computer Symposium in the school premises. The event saw massive participation of twenty schools and nearly 200 participants. The passion and enthusiasm seen amongst the participants was exhilarating. It provided a grand arena to test the E-knowledge of the tech-savvy students.It was a battle of wits wherein students strived for excellence competing in varied events like Quiz, Programming, Web Designing, Digital Imaging, Flash Animation and Movie Making.

Eco club

The school has joined hands with Indian Environment society and the NEAC (National Environment Awareness campaign of the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India) and set up an Eco club in the school. Many noteworthy projects and activities are undertaken by this club.

Value Education

With a view to include Vedic teaching in our system, the school encourages students to imbibe sublime elements of our culture and civilization. Students are introduced to the rich spiritual heritage which transcends the narrow limits of caste, colour, language and creed.

Emphasis is laid on the practical aspect of morality rather than on theoretical part and all the academic and co-curricular activities go a long way in building up an atmosphere in which the students imbibe, consciously and unconsciously, the time honoured values of life which we cherish the most.

The school has incorporated Ramakrishna Mission’s Value Education programs for self-development, leadership and personality development for students & teachers. These lessons are conducted through the medium of audio visual aids and enable the children to develop the power of mind - Viveka, strength and fearlessness to attain highest perfection and happiness.

The school has also formed an ARYA YUVA SAMAJ CLUB to channelize the potent energies of the youth in affirmative directions. The idea is to involve the young minds of classes VI-VIII in the promotion and perpetuation of Vedic philosophy and to inform them about the rationale behind Vedic traditions in the present scenario. Various Yoga Asanas meant for de-stressing and gaining physical as well as mental health are also performed by the students.

Meet with His Holiness Dalai Lama
A group of teachers and students of our school had the fortune of meeting His Holiness and interacting with him on the imperative need of global peace and harmony.

House System

From an early age, the students in our school learn managerial and organizational skills, to take independent decisions and express themselves because of a very effective and highly functional House System wherein all students of classes VI to XII are divided into five houses namely Prosperity, Unity, Courage, Peace and Integrity. The House – system also fosters a sense of healthy competition and acceptance of multidimensional view points. Each house is under two dynamic house incharges who further appoint a house captain, secretary, joint secretary and a fleet of prefects – 2 from each class for ensuring discipline, cleanliness and smooth dispersal. Various inter house activities are conducted throughout the year viz. debates, recitation, Dances, flower making, Pot decoration etc. which culminate in the cultural extravaganza Abhivyakti.

School Magazine Inspirations

The school magazine provides a platform to budding writers to express themselves. Also, every year, 10-15 students selected as student correspondents get to have field experience as reporters–getting stories & reports, interviewing people and generally buzzing around in the campus on lookout for new ideas!


Committed to innovation, the school has started the concept of Activity clubs. Its purpose is to provide an opportunity to students to participate in new roles that enable identity exploration and also to enable them to learn valuable skills. We believe that with this activity our learners will perform better in the classroom, network better and will enjoy their educational experience more. The selection criteria for the clubs will be intimated to the learners at the beginning of the session.

Clubs List
S.No. Club
1. School Choir
2. Instrumental Music
3. Eco Club
4. IT Club
5. German Club
6. Global Generation Club
7. ATL
8. Quiz Club
9. Financial literacy
10. Vedic Maths
11. Best out of waste Club & Recycled products
12. Gardening Club
13. Chocolate making
14. Marketing & Accounting
15. Visual Art
16. Be Safe (Traffic training, First aid & Disaster management)
17. Reverse Mentorship


Speak Smart Drive

A special ‘Speak smart’ drive has been launched to make all learners proficient in spoken English and make them world-ready. The English department carries out this drive from nursery to class X so that learners could benefit from a strong language base and could communicate in English effortlessly by the time they enter senior school.Another important reason for this drive is to provide an additional scaffold to the children coming from an economically weaker section as they were found to be struggling in academics due to a poor language base and no support at home.

The faculty members are making great efforts to make this mission a success.In the nursery and pre-primary wings, special activities are being organized to give a boost to the existing academic program.

At the end of each month, certificates and badges are awarded to children who are consistently speaking in English. A big gold star is awarded to the class in which maximum children are conversing in English.

Student Council

A responsible student council bridges the generation gap between the staff, management and the student community easing out the differences, smoothing out the ruffled feathers and putting each others’ view points across. They help the staff members to maintain discipline and organize functions.

Newspaper Programs

School has joined hands with two leading newspapers of Delhi–TOI and HT to inculcate reading habit and to increase the general awareness of the learners. Also, valuable journalistic experience and creative writing opportunities are provided to the children through a host of workshops and activities organized by these newspapers.