Global Virtual Classroom project


The Global Virtual Classroom (GVC) is a collection of free, online educational activities and resources. It is sponsored by Give Something Back International Foundation (GSBI), a nonprofit educational foundation headquartered in Sarasota, Florida. It is dedicated to empowering, enabling and connecting students around the world using Internet technologies.

Under this program, students work on collaborative projects, learn to create Websites, experiment with multimedia, participate in discussions, design and carry out international surveys and analyze the results. They do scientific or historical research with partner schools, exchange artwork, poetry, stories or essays and teach each other about your culture, festivals and communities.

Since 2011, our school is participating in this contest and winning every year.

In GVC 2011, our school got selected amongst the top 6. The website topic was ‘Women Environment’.

In GVC 2012, our school received grand prize money of $3,000 for winning First position in the competition along with team from US & Malaysia. The website topic was ‘Women’s Rights’.

In GVC 2013, our school got merit award for exceptional helping focus and selected amongst the top 6. The website topic was ‘Action for Earth’.

In GVC 2014, DLDAV Model School, Shalimar Bagh received the Bronze Award at the international level in the GVC’s secondary school category for website - THINK BEFORE YOU CLICK created along with VVDAV, India and Measow Creek High School, Norcross, Georgia, USA This website is our intent to spread awareness among people against the hazardous side of the cyber world and how can one protect oneself from the cyber crimes.

In the same contest, our junior school team’s website bagged the Special Recognition Award for Exceptional Helping Focus at the international level for Website - COSMOS CURE teamed with Forest Park Middle School, Illinois.

Our school won a Silver Award in the GVC 2015-16 primary school category for outstanding website: “Preserving Heritage to Promote Peace”. Website was designed in collaboration with students of International Community School of Abidjan and Lakeside Middle School of USA. Our school also won a special Merit Award in secondary school category for the website: “The Power of you”. Website was designed in collaboration with students of St. Paul Lutheran School, USA and Wunshan Senior High School, Kaohsiung City (TAIWAN).

GVC - Web Design Contest

Our website, created with the partner school, The Phoenix School, Massachusetts, USA, won a Grand Prize for the primary school category (Grade 6-8). The website “Cyber Wellness” not only explores cyber threats, it emphasizes and educates others on safe online habits.

In Senior School Category (Grade 9-11), we were partnered with Liberty High School, Missouri, USA and Global English School, Brazil. We bagged third prize for the website “Safe, Secure and Strong” which focused on creating sensitization and awareness about the less talked topic “Mental Health”

Individual GSBI scholarship/sponsorship to a needy, disadvantaged student was given on behalf of both Junior and Senior teams The Junior grand prize winner team won additional $1000 and Team India generously donated their monetary prize to support more scholarships. We received certificates of recognition of several sponsorships.

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